• Joel Seaegg

Case Study: Covid-19 & Emerging Australian Freight Forwarder

Increasing business value through forecasting, process redesign and offshoring.

The client An emerging Australian freight forwarder and logistics company. Swivot was responsible for front and back office administration and finance including:

· Concierge services; · Accounts receivable/ Accounts payable /Reconciliation; · Registering Consol/Shipments; · Checking Vessel Delay Reports; · Tracking Transhipments; and · Creating Connotes.

The business situation & challenges

Our client was facing several difficulties, including:

· rising labour costs;

· seasonal nature of the industry demanding ramp ups and ramp downs; and

· localised and global threats such as Covid19 rendering office spaces unworkable.

The solution

Swivot came in with a solution with staff based in the Philippines across multiple office sites and Sydney which achieved a:

1. forecasted 50% savings in year 1;

2. flexible tailormade setup that provided forecast analytics and allowed a ramp up and ramp down of staff to manage peak and off-peak workloads; and

3. disaster recovery and business continuity plan utilising multiple office sites and a large pool of talent to avoid lockdowns due to Covid19.

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