• Joel Seaegg

Six Effective Tips to Revamp your Outsourced Team's Training

1. Sandbox Environment: Create a training environment similar to an actual production floor with simulations to test trainees without risking your brand.

2. Shadowing: Utilise experienced agents to shadow trainees until they can demostrate a successful task completion to help validate best practices and workflows.

3. Team Huddles: Utilise huddles post classroom training sessions to address gaps in curricula, receive agent feedback and develop strategies for improved workflows.

4. Educate Agents on KPIs: Explain the impact of KPIs such as schedule adherence and AHT on service levels. Reward agents who outperform benchmarks. Quantitative measures are king.

5. Learning Aids: Create workflows with best practices and recurring issues to ensure agents have access to quick reference material.

6. Calibration Sessions: Hold weekly calibration sessions with your BPO provider to ensure their standards for performance meet your expectation. Where they fall short identify areas for further training.

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